Zhou Ruiyang

Master Student
Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences
UESTC(University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)
Email: ruiyangzhou@outlook.com

I was born in 2001 in Fujian Province of Southeast China. I have developed a strong passion for studying Physics, Computer Science, and Mathematics since my senior high school years.

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and applied mathematics at Fuzhou University under the Comprehensive Mathematics and Physics Program.

I am attracted by the international atmosphere and cutting-edge research capabilities of the PQIT team. Consequently, I decided to join the PQIT team at UESTC. Now I work under the supervision of Prof. Abolfazl Bayat, with a concentration on Quantum Physics.

I am glad to be an independent and self-determined individual, have a happy family, and work in the fields I love.

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