Former Postdoctoral
Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences
UESTC(University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)
Google Scholar

I’m a brazilian born in countryside of the state of São Paulo, living on the Panda’s city. I obtained my PhD in Physics from USP (São Carlos, Brazil) and performed postdoctoral research at UCL London (UK) and UFU (Uberlândia, Brazil). My research interest is quite broad concerning quantum mechanics and its implications for information science. Part of my free time is dedicated to anthropology studies in pubs, hunting new restaurants and to catalogue beers.

” I’m just a Latin American lad
With no money in the bank
With no important relatives
And coming from the countryside
But I’ve got a radio song in my head
In which an old composer from Bahia told me
Everything is divine, everything is wonderful…”
“Apenas um Rapaz Latino-Americano” by Belchior.

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